Professional Camera Equipment


Yesterday I showed my best friend my 'studio/office' set up in my room

The exact words that came out her mouth

"ooooo you've gone a bit DIY with it" 

And I thought to myself, she couldn't have said it better 


My tripod (with whom I have a severe love-hate relationship with) is a little to short, so I have elevated it by blu-tacking hairspray lids to the bottom of the legs

I recently purchased a backdrop frame with white muslin cloth (to make me look more 'professional') when it arrived it only came with 3 clamps (I don't know why) to stretch the material across the frame to hide the fact it is just a glorified bed sheet. Which, with 3 clamps is like trying to smooth icing on a birthday cake with your fingers... 

So I've had to use hair clips to hold it in place 

My ring light has now got a sock cover over it to diffuse the light because I could feel myself going blind by it's stark brightness

And my back ring light is being elevated by my Ikea cardboard boxes (which hold all of my accounts)

But if this set up doesn't exactly represent me then I don't know what does 

I have had a great upbringing my parents have done anything and everything to get to this place

Where I can proudly say I'm an Amateur World Semi-Finalist, run my own company and do what I love everyday  

But it's all been a process of sticky back plastic and hot glue

Make-shifting my way to being in this position 

So if you think that you have to have all the professional gear, the 'right' solutions to your problems or waiting for the right time to do something 

You're going to be waiting a loooooong time 

So it's time to take the glue gun by the reigns and get sparkly with it 

Because if only you could see my set up, you would understand that it's all smoke and mirrors!