Fitness Tracker


Absolutely nothing has changed since yesterday 

Except I got a little medal on my fitness app to tell me I've officially completed 100 days of walking 10k steps 

Oh...and my feet bloody hurt!

Anyway I'm going to be giving you 10 recommendations each day for the next 10 days 

(I'm holding myself accountable)

Today it's going to be:

Things you should always have with you when you're practicing 

1. Good music - I love finding new stuff on Spotify. Although I'd happily dance to Blackpool music all day

2. Shoe brush - I don't often use oil on my shoes as I prefer a bit of slip. However, sometimes, there's no amount of foot pressure which will help, so you just need a brush.

3. Your favourite pair of practice shoes. I don't believe in practicing in 'teaching shoes'. I think you should ALWAYS practice in the shoes you will dance your comp in. (Of course, not the EXACT ones, but the same style, size and heel height).

4. Heel protectors - I ALWAYS have a box filled with heel protectors. I prefer the suede bottom ones. I have enough to supply a full studio, at all times, in my dance bag.

5. Odour shoe spray - I'm not sure this ones needs explaining. I often wonder why girls have to dance in satin shoes with either tights or nothing. Doesn't breed for fresh smelling shoes.

6. Sports tape - Both so you can strap yourself up, but more importantly your shoes. I cover my heel protectors in sports tape so they last even longer. (Weeks even!)

7. Belts - You can always dress your outfit up with belts. You can use them in exercises with your partner. And, if you have a practice where you just can't feel your centre, just tie a belt around your waist!


9. A mini foam roller - because after wearing 3" heels, it's nice to treat yourself to a little self foot massage.

10. Hairbands - several hundred. Not just good for tying your hair, but also around your trouser bottoms so you don't catch your heels in them, and around your shoes (if you have strapless ones) so when they stretch you can use hairbands as makeshift straps. That way you don't have to buy new ones as soon as you've worn them in.